• Belgian Chocolate

    Galler Chocolates are made exclusively in Belgium

  • All Natural

    Galler Chocolates are made only from the highest quality all natural ingredients

  • Royal Warrant

    Galler Chocolates are a Belgian Royal Warrant Holder

  • Chocolate Lovers

    Galler chocolates have been delighting chocolate-lovers for over 38 years

Galler Chocolatier: All Natural Belgian Chocolates

At Galler, we love chocolate! It is our mission is to continuously provide an exquisite chocolate experience through our wide selection of the best chocolates available. Since 1976 Galler chocolates have been delighting chocolate-lovers. Galler’s fine Belgian chocolates are made of all natural, noble ingredients, and feature a pure design and intense flavor. With fresh pistachio nuts, hazelnuts or even pure, natural vanilla, each Galler chocolate bar is a unique gourmet product that combines both depth of flavor and delicacy. Galler’s wide selection of the best-tasting chocolates embody a unique product line that includes Galler Chocolate Tablets, Galler Chocolate Filled Praline Bars, Galler Chocolate Pocket Bags, and Galler Chocolate Gift Boxes.

Frequently our company has been honoured with official recognitions. The most prestigious is undeniably the appointment as « Belgian Royal Warrant Holder », awarded in 1994. In 2002, Galler received the « Innovation Prize » for the concept of “CHOCOLAT-THE©” at the Franchise Fair of Brussels.